Comeback of An Athlete Star

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Comeback of An Athlete Star

Imagine that you are a star athlete and you get an injury or get exhausted by the “circus” surrounding you.
You need to stop your career for a while.
What you probably will experience is that you have to come back SOON. You might think you have a lot of time, just start up training very hard. No matter how much you try, it’s so hard to reach to the top again. You have new competition on a different arena.

It’s the same with economy and enterprise, old merits won’t give new success. Competition is fiercer than ever! You have to come up with something new all the time. This is of course tough but also FUN! It’s stimulating to do something creative and vital.
But – and this is important – your environment i.e. your “trainer”, supporters, etc, must also be on board. If your surroundings are counter productive and not progressive at all, it might be a dead end project. A bad business climate!
Anyway, it certainly will not lead to an expanding economy, rather the opposite. More and more people have to share less and less.

And by then the top stars have left the building.