Sweden's "Cinderella" Syndrom

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Sweden's "Cinderella" Syndrom

Is there a growing feeling of being somehow “second-class citizens” in your own country?
How on earth can this be…….

All sorts of world problems landed on our very footstep?
Are we a too small country to cope with so much at a time?

How much do we have to adjust to other cultures for instance?

To work and pay high taxes is acceptable if you get good value for the money.
Now schools and healthcare are under pressure and need resources.
Also defense and police etc etc.
People, who have worked for decades, now on very low pensions, unable to pay for dental care.

Difficulties in targeting the labor market for a vast number of immigrants, many of them low-skilled workers, add to the pessimism about the future economy.

Welfare costs are high. To “fool” the system is possible. We don’t use any modern bio-metric data to make sure that no more than one identity is used. Welfare payments can also go to people who have left the country. To what extent we do not know. All this on taxpayers’ money.

“Punishment” for brutal crimes like gang rape is often surprisingly mild. Receiving ISIS “warriors” back raises questions if we have a realistic view at all.

There is an emerging sense that these matters are not taken seriously fast enough.

Now people will look for more “populist – nationalistic” parties.
“Cinderellas” in the downstairs kitchen longing for the prince…….?